Intermediate Training

Intermediate Firearms Training

Cost: $30.00 hr

    I offer a one-on-one intermediate handgun, rifle or shotgun class. this may be a refresher course for those who have had some training in the past or just need to fine tune their physical  mechanics and marksmanship skills. You are urged to bring your own firearm or rent the firearm you want to become proficient with for this class. This class costs $30.00 per hour and you will need to pay your range fees, gun rentals, targets and ammunition separately.

    All classes are taught by John D.  a Certified (NRA) Instructor & Range Safety Officer (#209080213).  A Certified Private Investigators Licensing Board Instructor (#317). In addition John D. is a graduate of (Front Sight Firearms Training Academy Defensive Pistol Courses) & (Progressive Force Concepts Instructors Tactical Training Academy). 

  I will tailor classes for all ages and skill levels. 

   John will also take large groups for day shooting excursions.  The cost is $35.00 per hour per person.  I offer the choice of any or all of my firearms to shoot for that day excursion.  (By Appointment Only)  Call for an appointment and times or possibly special deals on pricing.

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