Beginner Training

Beginners Firearms Training

Cost: $65.00 (3 hour session)

lady shooting

Beginner Firearms Training courses are available by making an appointment only.  I offer a special rate of $65.00 each person for the beginners class (about 3 hours in length)  which includes the following:

(2 hours) will be classroom instruction at which time we will go over safety and handling of the firearms. (1 hour) will be actual range time one on one with myself using the firearm and working on your physical  mechanics and marksmanship skills. You will need at least 1 box of ammunition (50 rounds) for handguns, (20 rounds) for rifles. You are encouraged to bring the firearm that you want to become proficient with for this class.  At the range you must pay for your own range fee and targets.  You will be subject to (Range Rules) which will vary at different ranges.

This class is excellent for people who:

  • Are interested in guns for self-defense, such as survivors of an assault or those who may be targets for crime (women,  disabled, elderly)

  • Seek stress reduction enjoy euphoric rushes of energy combined with inner peacefulness — much like yoga.

  • If you have never seen, handled, or shot a firearm before.

  • People who have never had any formal firearm instruction before.

  • Children must be at least 8 years old, accompanied by a parent and are subject to prior approval for instruction.

  •  Please call ahead of time to make an  appointment on classes and times.

  • Or click here to schedule online.