Advanced and Defensive Training – Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Training.

Advanced Training:

Advanced and Defensive Firearms training along with Concealed Carry Weapons Permit training are done by appointment only. 

All qualifications will be held at the Clark County Shooting Complex, unless previously arranged by phone with the instructor. 

Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons Initial training: $95 = (8) hrs (7:00am – 3:30pm) which includes a qualification shoot at the beginning of class & classroom training to complete the class.   (Group of 3 or more $80 ea) 

Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons- Renewals:  $65 (4) hrs which includes a qualification shoot to at the beginning of class + classroom training.    (Group of 3 or more $55 ea)

Utah Concealed Carry for Initial Class: $65 = (4) hrs. (If taken at the same time as NV. C.C.W. $50).

Utah Concealed Carry for Renewal Class:  $50 = (4) hrs.

Nevada and Utah simultaneously on the same-day: $145

HR-218 Retired Officers Certifications: $25

P.I.L.B. – Nevada Armed Guard Classes and Re Certifications, armed guard classes 2 days in length, day 1 – 8 hours classroom, day 2 – 5 hours range time Drills and qualifications, $175.00 which includes the $25 money order for submission to P.I.L.B. Board. Re Qualification $30.00 which includes $5.00 money order for submission to Board.

 Defensive Pistol training (NRA): $60 (4) hrs this will be working on torture dot and B-27 (E) law enforcement targets at various distances from the holster.  (Group of 3 or more $35 ea)

Defensive Pistol Skill Builder: $60 for 4 hours, 7:30am – 11:30am – there will be a short safety meeting before the shooting event. (so get there early),  for this event we will be shooting from the holster at paper targets closer than 7 yards. everything farther than 7 yards will be steel silhouettes and steel hangers at various distances.

Remember this training is designed to help  you to stay alive, stay in the fight, engage multiple targets while moving, and keep your family and loved ones safe. 

 Dates:  By appointment only must schedule this D.P.S.B. event.

All defensive skill builder outings are held at the Clark County Shooting Complex Education Center – 50 yard range                                                        

As always there is no Bi-Mettle, Armor Piercing, or Incendiary Ammunition allowed on the range at any time.  


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Defensive Pistol Skill Builder