About Myself

    As a highly experienced and insured firearms instructor, who teaches firearms safety & marksmanship skills at any of the ranges in the United States.  I teach a variety of lessons for firearm enthusiasts. The main ( 3 ) are – (Beginner Firearms Training),  (Intermediate Firearms Training),  (Advanced Firearms Training). 

In addition I offer Concealed Carry Weapons training for Nevada and Utah Concealed Carry Permits,  along with one on one training, for home or personal defense. You can read more about these on the services page.

    As for myself I first picked up a firearm at the age of 7years old under the strict supervision of my grandfather, uncles and father, when I was just able to hold one and fire it by myself.  I spent many years in the wide-open spaces of our great country throughout,  Montana, Wyoming,  Idaho,  New Mexico,  Nevada,  Arizona, Texas,  Nebraska and Iowa with my Grandfather learning respect for firearms and how to properly and safely handle a very wide variety firearms.

    In later years my interest remained and I became a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer. a certified instructor for Nevada Private Investigators licensing Board, Certified Firearms Instructor, (#317),  A Concealed Carry Weapons instructor for Nevada and Utah. Additionally I am a graduate of (Front Sight Firearms Training Academy), and (Progressive Force Concepts Training Academy).